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A Deep Dive - Ghislaine Maxwell: Silver Spoons and Hard Times

A Deep Dive - Ghislaine Maxwell: Silver Spoons and Hard Times
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Ghislaine Maxwell – Silver Spoons and Hard Times

August 9, 2020
By Paul Serran
Ghislaine Maxwell led much of her life under the world’s fascinated microscopic view, always enthralled by her – famous and infamous – as it watched her fortunes wax and wane.
From the celebrated miracle daughter of media tycoon Robert Maxwell; to the broken young woman who fled scandal in the UK to a small New York apartment, trying to launch a new life; the rebirth Jet-set Ghislaine, who was everywhere at once, longtime companion of Jeffrey Epstein, a man even richer and more shady than her father; the sophisticated middle age woman, a runaway alleged criminal trying hard to avoid detection by her pursuers – finally, to the incarcerated, indicted suspected sex trafficker and perjurer.
Ghislaine was Robert and Betty Maxwell’s miracle baby, born on Christmas Day, 1961. Two days after that, their eldest son suffered a fatal car accident.
In 24 hours, it all had been somehow foretold: joy – and then tragedy.
During the Swinging Sixties, Robert Maxwell served two terms as a Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Buckingham. He led a multimillionaire lifestyle, and was the host of star-studded parties at Headington Hill Hall, his baronial fifty-three-room Oxford mansion.
The Maxwells spent a million dollars redecorating the mansion. In a stained glass window scene for the imperial staircase, Israeli sculptor Nehemia Azaz depicted Robert Maxwell as the biblical hero Samson tearing down the gates of Gaza: “a titan of luck, impossible achievement, and unlimited wealth”.
They had the use of chauffeured luxury cars. They traveled the world in Robert’s Gulfstream IV Jet and his sleek 180-foot yacht, named Lady Ghislaine.
“If Bob Maxwell didn’t exist, no one could invent him,” Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock celebrated the bombastic, demanding mogul who dined with kings and presidents and had a bottomless appetite for family, food, fortune, and fame.
The first brush with financial and professional hardship came at a age when young Ghislaine would have been mostly sheltered from it.
In the early seventies, after Robert Maxwell tried similar shenanigans in a failed attempt to swindle the American financier Saul Steinberg, who was interested in a strategic acquisition of Pergamon Press. Steinberg claimed that during negotiations, Maxwell falsely stated that a subsidiary responsible for publishing encyclopedias was extremely profitable.
At the same time, Pergamon had been forced to reduce its profit forecasts for 1969 during the period of negotiations, leading to a suspension of dealing in Pergamon shares on the London stock markets.
It was found that Maxwell had contrived to maximize Pergamon’s share price through transactions between his private family companies. This was a criminal practice he would utilize again in the future.
Inspectors from Britain’s Department of Trade and Industry declared Maxwell unfit to run a public company: “Notwithstanding Mr. Maxwell’s acknowledged abilities and energy, he is not in our opinion a person who can be relied on to exercise proper stewardship of a publicly quoted company.”
‘Captain Bob’ established the Maxwell Foundation in tax haven Liechtenstein, in 1970. By the 1980s he come back roaring, prompted by money later said to have originated in the Soviet Union. He bought the Mirror Group built and a massive media conglomerate.
The good times were on: Ghislaine was nicknamed “The Shopper” because of her wild spending funded by Robert’s millions. He also bankrolled her failed corporate gifts business.
During this period, she reportedly had a VERY close relationship with her father and was widely credited with being her father’s favorite child.
In Oxford, Ghislaine led a student life of wealth and privilege. Her father would send Filipino servants to the college house she shared to clean, arrange the table and cook, in the event of a party.
Her career piggybacked on her father’s businesses. She was made director of the Oxford United, and later, put in charge of “special projects” of the New York Daily News.
With her father’s money, she found her way into society, especially in New York — a haven where she could escape his complete control.
But the good times were not to last. Overextended and over-leveraged, Maxwell’s empire was about to crumble.
At this time, Maxwell reportedly was a regular at London’s casinos, playing three tables at once, even dropping $2.5 million in a single night. For years, he had been an inveterate gambler, but this was the behavior of a desperate man whose time was running out.
“He was a very crude man,” said a female writer for Time magazine. “His polish was not very deep. If you were with him for any length of time, it peeled away. I was in his library in the Maxwell House penthouse—a beautiful apartment with marble and servants all over the place—and while I was admiring his books, his valet said to me, ‘You should see Mr. Maxwell’s collection of pornographic tapes’.”
Ghislaine visited her father in his office before he flew off to Gibraltar. “He was looking for an apartment in New York—a sort of pied-à-terre, where he could talk and have meetings—and he wanted me to help him,” she told Vanity Fair. “He asked me to go see a particular apartment. He said, ‘If you like it, I’ll make time to see it and come to New York.’ ” But the next time Ghislaine saw her father, he was dead.
”Ghislaine is the baby of the family and the one who was closest to her father,” her mother Betty told Vanity Press. ”The whole of Ghislaine’s world has collapsed, and it will be very difficult for her to continue.”
When she finally appeared before the reporters, she had collected herself. “How did your father die?” a journalist shouted at Ghislaine Maxwell. “He did not commit suicide. That was just not consistent with his character. I think he was murdered. ”
Maxwell, it turned out, had debts of nearly $5 billion, and had stolen hundreds of millions from the Mirror Group’s pension funds to shore up his faltering companies. That left 32,000 employees exposed to retirement ruin.
The irony was not lost on the hard-hitting British press: Robert Maxwell, a socialist, stealing hundreds of millions of pounds from the Mirror’s pension fund!
He swindled money from two of his public companies, transferred millions in and out the secret family trusts in Liechtenstein, to manipulate the share price of his Corporation.
Robert was called “rogue,” “crook,” “bully,” “thief,” “megalomaniac,” and “gangster.” The press told lurid tales of his sex orgies with midget Filipino hookers.
He was seen as a 310-pound aberration gorging on spoonfuls of caviar. An erratic and cruel tyrant who used Turkish towels for toilet paper. Journalists wrote that he was a spy for the K.G.B. or Mossad or Czech intelligence—or all three.
“My daughter Ghislaine has no money, no trusts, no funds anywhere.” her mother Betty told Vanity Fair. “Neither of [my children] had any money. Their father never gave them any money.”
Their assets were frozen. His son Kevin’s house was put up for sale, as were the Lady Ghislaine and the Gulfstream IV Jet. Their passports were seized.
A friend told The Times of London, “[Ghislaine] had always been the life and soul of the party wherever she wanted to go in the world and never had to worry about money.” Now she was the broken child of a monster, his name forever synonymous to scandal. “She was catatonic,” the friend said.
Forced to vacate her huge company-provided residence, she moved into a small apartment. When a friend came to visit, Ghislaine told her, “They took everything—everything—even the cutlery.”
Little did she know how many more times things in her life would shift from silver spoons to hard times. A woman brought up in luxury, she had everything taken from her, before she came to the United States to begin again.
“He wasn’t a crook,” Ghislaine told Vanity Press. “A thief to me is somebody who steals money. (…) Did he put it in his own pocket? Did he run off with the money? No. And that’s my definition of a crook.”
“I’m surviving—just,” she said. “But I can’t just die quietly in a comer. I have to believe that something good will come out of this mess. It’s sad for my mother. It’s sad to have lost my dad. It’s sad for my brothers. But I would say we’ll be back. Watch this space.”
Ghislaine Maxwell was also being hunted by the tabloids. The Maxwell name was so detested in London that she is said to have had to walk around in a blond wig so people wouldn’t recognize her.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s reinvention didn’t take long. Maxwell moved to the United States just after her father’s death. Her photograph boarding a Concorde to cross the Atlantic caused outrage – her father had just defrauded pensioners out of 750 Million Sterling Pounds.
According to the Mail on Sunday: “Unnoticed by almost everybody, traveling with her was a greying, plumpish, middle-aged American businessman who managed to avoid the photographers. It is to this man that 30-year-old Ghislaine has turned to ease the heartache of her father’s shame.”
“His name is Jeffrey Epstein.”
“Whose house is this, Ghislaine?” a friend asked her in the early 1990’s. “Who lives here?”
My friend,” Maxwell replied.
“Well, is he banging you?” the friend demanded. “What’s the scoop here?”
A trust fund is said to have provided her with an income of $145,000 a year. A far cry from her previous seemingly unending wealth. She “never, ever had any cash. Lots of credit, of course, but no cash”, one friend recalled to the press.
And yet, she lived the high life. She was known in New York as the “female Gatsby” for her lavish entertaining. Had a “reputation for being charming and funny, and a glittering lifestyle straight out of the pages of a society magazine”.
She was now “far from the ever watchful eye of the British press,” Hello! magazine wrote in 1997.
“She is proud of the fact that her new life is all down to her own hard work and has her elegant apartment to show for it,” the magazine mistakenly added. One day, she would “get married and have kids. But it has never been a focus: My focus is my business.”
Ghislaine’s presence added more fuel to the question: “How did Jeffrey Epstein amass his fortune?” For one of the most propagated theories is that Maxwell’s father Robert bankrolled him with funds hidden from the UK authorities.
Jeffrey Epstein built a 21,000-square-foot mansion on a massive ranch in New Mexico, which – he boasted – made his New York townhouse “look like a shack”. He named it the Zorro Ranch. He also acquired a 72-acre island in the Virgin Islands and an 8,600-square-foot home in Paris, with a specially built massage room.
She had found a path back to the lifestyle she’d lost when her father died. “She was used to living very well,” says a friend who knew her then. “She didn’t want to go back to where she was.” All she had to do to keep it was to give ‘the monster’ what he wanted.
Maxwell was expected to drop everything to serve Epstein.
She had to keep everyone in line, because one misstep would unleash the wrath of Epstein, one of the few people who could make Maxwell cry. “He would be screaming over the phone,” recalled an Epstein victim, “and she would burst into tears.”
The New York townhouse became a social nexus; guests could have included members of the Kennedy and Rockefeller clans, “along with the requisite sprinkling of countesses and billionaires,” according to The Times of London.
She was “a modern-day geisha” in a “domain filled with the richest people in the planet. “It’s a world frequented by young half-naked girls in bikinis, billionaires and lavish lifestyles, but it borders on the grotesque. You are never really sure what is going on behind closed doors.”
Royalty was specially prized, which is why her friendship with Prince Andrew became so treasured. In 2000, Maxwell and Epstein attended a Prince Andrew’s party at the Queen’s Sandringham House estate in Norfolk, England. It has been reported that the event was in honor of Maxwell’s 39th birthday.
And yet, Ghislaine began trying to distance herself from Epstein long before he went to jail. In the early 2000s, she hooked up in California with a man much richer than Epstein: Ted Waitt.
Waitt lived in a seven-bedroom, 14-bath mansion in La Jolla, sailed the world aboard a 240-foot mega-yacht, the Plan B. It was equipped with a helipad, Jacuzzi, elevator, gym, and HAD AN ONBOARD SUBMARINE, which Maxwell soon was licensed to pilot.
After Epstein went to prison in Florida for a short period, Maxwell saw the silver spoons turned into hard times again.
Acquaintances that crossed her path reported how she was almost unrecognizable. She was not stylish and attention grabbing anymore, seemed determined to go unnoticed. Her face had no makeup. There was a hint of gray in her black hair, she put on some weight.
“I was so shocked by her look,” a friend recalled to the British press. “I didn’t recognize her.”
She even gave up her once proud name, sometimes introducing herself to new acquaintances only as “G.”
“Where are you living, Ghislaine?” the friend asked. “I lost touch with you.” Maxwell suddenly went blank. “Oh,” she replied, “a little bit everywhere.”
December 2014: Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida describing Maxwell as Epstein’s “primary coconspirator and participant in his sexual abuse and sex trafficking scheme.”
Maxwell made a huge mistake, issuing an “urgent” statement to the media dismissing the claims as “obvious lies.” That allowed Giuffre, to sue Maxwell for defamation in federal court in New York, a lawsuit “widely viewed as a vessel for Epstein’s victims to expose the scope of Epstein’s crimes,” according to the Miami Herald.
Maxwell affirmed her innocence with fury, at one point of her testimony banging her fists on the table. She also, according to charges filed by the DOJ SDNY, committed two counts of perjury.
2019: when the SDNY reopened the criminal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine was far away, living the high life.
She met with her friend Prince Andrew in Buckingham Palace, and participated in “Cash & Rocket”, an annual charity road rally. Between races of the rally, she joined the super rich in attending a Masquerade Ball in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as a White dinner at La Reserve in Geneva and the Red party at the Yacht Club de Monaco.
Those were to be her last reported events. Cash & Rocket scrub Maxwell’s photo from its website once Epstein was arrested and the scandal assaulted the headlines again.
On July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested by federal agents at Teterboro Airport, arriving from Paris. The FBI raided his mansion, and charged him with sex trafficking of minors.
“Epstein’s pimp girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, a very well-connected Brit socialite cannot just walk free,” actress Ellen Barking tweeted the day after Epstein’s arrest. “This woman is his pimp. She pilots planes [sic] to and from the island. I know because she told me.”
Maxwell again went into hiding, unreachable during legal proceedings. It surfaced in December 2019 that Maxwell was among the people under FBI investigation for facilitating Epstein’s crimes.
She was faced with a tabloid frenzy even bigger than the one that accompanied the death of her father. She again uprooted herself and tried to start over in Manchester-by-the-Sea, a quiet village 30 miles north of Boston, she lived for a time in the $3 million, five-bedroom colonial home of Scott Borgerson, CEO of CargoMetrics, a hedge fund investment company involved in maritime data analytics.
Since Epstein was found dead in jail, last August, she is reported to have moved 36 times, out of fear for her safety. Credible Death threats arrived by social media, email, phone, text, and postal service. It began in earnest with Epstein’s arrest, multiplied with his death, and accelerated in the months that followed. They soon became a routine part of her life.
She hired a professional security firm, with operatives that are veterans of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
This photoshopped photo of Maxwell surfaced last year to mislead the public into thinking she was in Los Angeles. Frank Report was the first to report the photo a fake, a story that went viral.
“Where in the world was Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone, it seemed, had a theory, each wilder than the last. She was said to be hiding deep beneath the sea in a submarine, which she was licensed to pilot. Or she was lying low in Israel, under the protection of the Mossad, the powerful intelligence agency with whom her late father supposedly tangled. Or she was in the FBI witness protection program, or ensconced in luxury in a villa in the South of France, or sunning herself naked on the coast of Spain, or holed up in a high-security doomsday bunker belonging to rich and powerful friends whose lives might implode should Maxwell ever reveal what she knows—all the dirty secrets of the dirty world that she and Epstein shared.”
(Vanity Fair – Jul 3, 2020)
Maxwell remained at large, beyond the reach of attorneys, tabloid reporters, and a 10,000-pound reward from The Sun in London.
“It’s a little bit like Elvis—you get lots of reports but they’re hard to verify,” a victim attorney said in May.
She was periodically said to have been spotted around the world, usually in places where she was not. Reporters scoured the globe. Some said she was in Russia trying to get a Oligarch to protect her. Others pointed to Israel or Brazil, China, Singapore, the Middle East, England.
She was “both everywhere and nowhere,” lamented UK’s The Guardian.
On August 2019, she was apparently photographed eating a burger and fries in the Cahuenga Boulevard, in the San Fernando Valley. She held The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. Given Ghislaine and her father Robert’s alleged ties to Intelligence Services, this choice does not seem accidental.
Papers were running out of incredible stories to account for her disappearance. A bizarre new theory emerged she could be hiding in a submarine which – as we saw – was not downright impossible, since she DID have a license to pilot underground vehicles.
On July 2nd 2020, Maxwell was arrested by the FBI and NYPD in the small New England town of Bradford, New Hampshire. It is situated at driving distance of the NYSD. They finally found her in a luxurious four-bedroom, 4,365-square-foot home on a wooded lot, called Tuckedaway.
Ghislaine Maxwell was charged with six federal crimes: luring and enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children and perjury.
The crimes took place between 1994 and 1997, the years of her “intimate relationship with Epstein,” when she “assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls.”
One of the three unnamed victims was “as young as 14 years old when they were groomed and abused by Maxwell and Epstein, both of whom knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18.”
FBI assistant director William F. Sweeney Jr. described Maxwell as “one of the villains of this investigation,” who had “slithered away to a gorgeous property” in New Hampshire, where she was “continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago.”
“I am optimistic about my future,” she said in 1997, “and believe things will continue to improve for me as time passes.”
Now, according to sources close to her, “I don’t think [Ghislaine] sees there is a future,” came the reply.
If found guilty of all charges, Maxwell could face a prison sentence of 35 years. She denies the accusations, and has pleaded not guilty to all six charges.
She will await trial locked up in the Metropolitan Detention Center, in Brooklyn. A dreadful prison that is as removed from her previous “silver spoon” upbringing as it’s possible in the US. Hard times.
She used to be a larger than life character, who once hosted a dinner for NY socialites on ‘the fine art of giving a blow job’. But then, she really blew it.
A report from a source familiar with the Metropolitan Detention Center gives a glum picture of Ghislaine Maxwell’s present conditions.
She is in the women’s section and believed to be confined to a solitary cell. Because of the past history of the MDC, it is not impossible to suspect that Ghislaine could be having sexual relations with one or more corrections officers, either male or female. Her available wealth would permit her to buy some privileges directly from the corrections officers who could smuggle in items for her.
MDC has a history of guards, male and female, enjoying sex with prisoners and smuggling in everything from alcohol to cell phones to drugs. While she is not enjoying what anyone would call a privileged life, and is most likely [because of Covid protocols] confined to her cell, dank and cold [in summer] perhaps as much as 23-24 hours per day and possibly getting only one hot meal per day, our source says, with her wealth and talent to charm, if there is any privilege, any opportunity, any luxury to enjoy at MDC, she is enjoying it.
Of course, she is probably under near-constant surveillance, for no guard wants to go to prison for letting her get murdered or commit suicide – as did her former lover Epstein. It is not known how frequently she is meeting with lawyers in special rooms set aside for the purpose. But an MDC source tells Frank Report that prison officials are known to eavesdrop on those conversations with lawyers and defendants and do so on high profile cases. Whether they report to the prosecution what they learn is unknown.
In the end, Maxwell has a hard road to hoe and will remain in the brutal and unsanitary MDC until she stands trial or makes a plea deal or dies. The possibility of additional charges other than those currently charged against her – for hebephilia crimes in the last century – remain a possibility.
The late Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted hebephile, a person who has urges for post pubescent but under the age of consent children. Is Ghislaine one also? And are there others, famous and prominent men of power who have indulged as Jeffrey and allegedly Ghislaine have done?
The ace in the hole for her, obviously, is, if she has info on other prominent hebephiles that the DOJ for its own partisan or PR reasons might like to selectively prosecute, she can trade that info for a lenient sentence and hopefully not be murdered for doing so.
Her former lover, Jeffrey Epstein, might have committed suicide, as the Mainstream Media and the US Govt. urges you to believe, but there are some who find the coincidences, cameras being off, bones broken indicating he was strangled, guards happening to fall asleep as they were assigned to watch the most famous prisoner in the world, such that that it just might cause reasonable people to doubt the official narrative a little more than the corporate media and prison officials would wants us to doubt.
The same fate might befall Ghislaine and we may never know just what she did. Whether her crimes were confined to herself and Epstein or whether there was a vast network of hebephiles joining in – or – in fairness to her – she is innocent as she claims, something that a trial, if she makes it to trial, might help us determine.

stretcher during the funeral service in Jerusalem’s main convention hall on Nov. 10, 1991. The body is laying on a stretcher, draped in a white Jewish prayer shawl with black stripes as is it tradition of Jewish burials in Israel. (AP Photo/Natik Harnik) Ghislaine is fourth from the left.
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[IWantOut] 20sF Philippines -> the Netherlands

Hello! Here are some introductory details:
• Graduated with a degree on advertising. • Currently an art director for about 9 months now. • Willingness scale to shift careers so I can leave my home country from 1 - 10, i'd say about 7. • With that in mind, current skills include graphic design, illustration, web design, art direction, and photography. Currently upskilling to UI/UX. • Travel history: been stamped twice for Schengen, currently have an eligible US visa, have been stamped a South Korean visa. Also a frequent-ish traveler, if that detail helps.
Why leave:
• Philippines is in its most terrible state since the 1970-1980 fascist rule. History is repeating itself. • Expedited by the COVID situation, we are now trillions in debt. The government is even now considering taxing apps like Netflix, Spotify, etc. to alleviate the growing debt. • Housing, especially in the capital city, is rapidly being taken over by under the table Chinese immigrants, even landlords are forcefully evicting current Filipino occupants because the immigrants offer double the rent pay. • Public facilities and cities are being sold to Chinese contractors. One of the provinces here are due to a "makeover" and turning it into a metropolitan & casino of the North. • Freedom of speech is being repressed surely and consistently day by day. Random arrests and killings. Elaborate lockdowns in place, with the military behaving dangerously similar to a dictatorship, in mask of calling it "quarantine".
Why Netherlands:
• I have a cousin there who is now a citizen and is working for a prominent shipping company. • From my travel to Holland, they give much respect to the arts/design to a point of giving a monthly stipend for artists back in the day but that is all I know.
Question proper: I would like to know how feasible it is to move there, particularly in terms of job prospects. Would furthering my studies there increase my chances too? And are universities/schools keen on design/art scholarships? The need to migrate is ever present & real but I am willing to stay home for a few years more should I need to build stronger credibility. Just as long as the end game will be living in the Netherlands (or should you suggest other amenable Schengen countries).
Thank you, and I hope you're all still faring well.
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Exotic Car Rental
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Farmers Market
Fashion Company
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Fast Food Restaurant
Fence & Gate Contractor
Fertility Doctor
Fictional Character
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Filipino Restaurant
Film Director
Finance Company
Financial Aid Service
Financial Consultant
Financial Planner
Financial Service
Fire Protection Service
Fireplace Store
Fish & Chips Restaurant
Fish Farm
Fish Market
Fishing Spot
Fishing Store
Fitness Boot Camp
Fitness Model
Fitness Trainer
Flea Market
Flight School
Flyboarding Center
Fondue Restaurant
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage Company
Food Consultant
Food Delivery Service
Food Stand
Food Tour Agency
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Food Wholesaler
Foodservice Distributor
Footwear Store
Forestry & Logging
Forestry Service
Franchising Service
French Restaurant
Frozen Yogurt Shop
Fruit & Vegetable Store
Funeral Service & Cemetery
Furniture Repair & Upholstery Service
Furniture Store
Gaming Video Creator
Garage Door Service
Garden Center
Gas & Chemical Service
Gas Station
Gay Bar
Gelato Shop
General Dentist
German Restaurant
Gift Shop
Glass & Mirror Shop
Glass Manufacturer
Glass Service
Gluten-Free Restaurant
Go-Kart Track
Golf Cart Dealership
Golf Course & Country Club
Government Building
Government Official
Government Organization
Government Website
Granite & Marble Supplier
Graphic Designer
Greek Restaurant
Grocery Store
Gun Store
Gutter Cleaning Service
Gym/Physical Fitness Center
Hair Extensions Service
Hair Removal Service
Hair Replacement Service
Hair Salon
Halal Restaurant
Hardware Store
Hat Store
Haunted House
Hawaiian Restaurant
Health & Wellness Website
Health Food Restaurant
Health Food Store
Health Spa
Healthcare Administrator
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service
High School
Hiking Trail
Hindu Temple
Historical Tour Agency
History Museum
Home & Garden Store
Home & Garden Website
Home Decor
Home Goods Store
Home Health Care Service
Home Improvement
Home Improvement Service
Home Inspector
Home Mover
Home Security Company
Home Staging Service
Home Theater Store
Home Window Service
Homebrew Supply Store
Hong Kong Restaurant
Hookah Lounge
Horse Trainer
Horseback Riding Center
Hospitality Service
Hot Air Balloon Tour Agency
Hot Dog Joint
Hotel & Lodging
Hotel Bar
Hotel Resort
Hotel Services Company
House Painting
House Sitter
Household Supplies
Housing Assistance Service
Hungarian Restaurant
Ice Cream Shop
Ice Skating Rink
Image Consultant
Immigration Lawyer
Independent Bookstore
Indian Chinese Restaurant
Indian Restaurant
Indo Chinese Restaurant
Indonesian Restaurant
Industrial Company
Information Technology Company
In-Home Service
Insurance Agent
Insurance Broker
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Intellectual Property Lawyer
Interior Design Studio
Internet Cafe
Internet Company
Internet Marketing Service
Internet Service Provider
Investing Service
Investment Bank
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Irish Restaurant
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Jazz & Blues Club
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Jewelry & Watches Company
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Kids Entertainment Service
Kitchen & Bath Contractor
Kiteboarding Center
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Labor Union
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Landscape Architect
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Laser Hair Removal Service
Laser Tag Center
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Latin American Restaurant
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Limo Service
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Loan Service
Local & Travel Website
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Lottery Retailer
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Marine Supply Store
Market Research Consultant
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Maternity & Nursing Clothing Store
Mattress Manufacturer
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Meat Wholesaler
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Medical & Health
Medical Cannabis Dispensary
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Medical Equipment Manufacturer
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Meditation Center
Mediterranean Restaurant
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Men's Clothing Store
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Merchandising Service
Metal Fabricator
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Methodist Church
Mexican Restaurant
Middle Eastern Restaurant
Middle School
Miniature Golf Course
Mining Company
Mobile Home Park
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Mortgage Brokers
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Music Lessons & Instruction School
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Nurseries & Gardening Store
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Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Obgyn)
Occupational Safety And Health Service
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Women's Clothing Store
Women's Health Clinic
Work Position
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"No can really be safe nowadays..." - Senator Trillanes AMA for the lazy.

He's one of us. Human, after all.

Ligther side

redkinoko: On a lighter note, are hotels are still wary of you every time you book a room, after the whole Manila Pen thing?
TrillanesSonny: Haha. Hindi naman. Good client naman din kame since then : )
sadgaygirl: What are your dreams for your children?
TrillanesSonny: As a parent, I just want them to be kind and generous adults later on. As to their career path and love life, I just let them choose freely and then support their decision. I advise them from time to time when they ask for it.
Miamiheatfan4life: Senator pano po ba manligaw ng babae ?
TrillanesSonny: Pasensiya na, nakalimutan ko na. Its been a while. hehe.
LebronToWarriors: Senator what are your tips for a job interview ?
TrillanesSonny: Try not to be cocky and a know-it-all. A little humility can go a long way. It also helps if you dress up neatly.
tangina_nyo: Hello Senator, paano po magkaroon ng balls of steel na katulad ng sayo?
Sagot: maging fatalist ka.
silversoul: Hi, Senator. Taking this time to thank you for standing up for ideals and beliefs even if it means being in the minority.
So, my question is...Who is your favorite superhero?
TrillanesSonny: Thank you for your support. :) As to my favorite superhero, growing up, when I was still in grade school, I had a collection of Marvel comics of The Thing. Now, si Captain America kasi medyo hawig? Joke lang. Hehe!
On being pressed to answer kung sino ang pinaka cringe inducing politician, and divulge tidbits about these pols.
TrillanesSonny: Pwedeng pass muna ulit? Hehe. Sa meet-up na lang.
Good afternoon Senator, is your mother strict when it comes to drinking your milk when you were still young?
TrillanesSonny: Not really. But I was the one craving for it. Particularly, fresh milk.
mocha_utong: Senator, paano po ba mag move on pag may mahal na siyang iba?
TrillanesSonny: Inom ng konti tapos ligaw na ulet. hehe. =)

The big issues

1. What the opposition is doing and why they failed in getting their message across to the people.
I totally agree with your assessment that the opposition has met serious challenges in delivering its message to the people. There are some factors that caused this. One, duterte came in as one of the most popular presidents in history hence, early on the message of the opposition has been met with doubt and resistance by his popular base. Two, the propaganda machine of duterte is very effective. Three, culturally, the Filipino people are very patient and resilient that's why they don't tend to complain and rather just grin and bear it. But having said this, after two years, the political landscape has change drastically and I can honestly say that the majority of the Filipino people have seen the light. Mas nakaka penetrate na ngayon ang mga mensahe ng oposisyon.
Unknown to the public, the Opposition has consolidated and united its ranks the past few months. This new united opposition is led by Vice President Leni Robredo. We are also busy preparing for contingency scenarios like the declaration of nationwide Martial Law and railroading of the Charter Change/Federalism to make sure that we would be able to effectively counter these devious duterte plans.
ALSO this:
I am in favor of VP Robredo leading and being a focal point of the opposition at the same time. Why? Because the opposition needs to unite under one acceptable and recognized leader and that is VP Leni Robredo.
He also said Leni was competent and has the mandate as VP.
2. CPD question
This one is admittedly tricky. The CPD requirements are seen as unnecessary and a needless burden for professionals.
Trillanes explains that this was not unnecessary, and is actually a requirement laid down by other ASEAN countries. Keep up with the requirements and you would not have any problems working your profession in other ASEAN countries. As well as making Filipino professionals more globally competitive.
Trillanes assured that help is on the way.
I totally sympathize with our professionals as they go through the growing pains of this new CPD law. My office has already conducted 3 public hearings to address some concerns and has been closely working with the PRC to make the CPD programs affordable and accessible to them. We have gained headway in providing free CPD programs for public school teachers and nurses as both the DepEd and DOH are mandated to be CPD providers. We were also able to reduce the required CPD units for certain professions. Moreover, we are pressing the PRC to provide online courses to do away with the costly sit-in programs.
3. Federalism
Trillanes says no to changing the form of government to Federalism.
I am against the proposed shift to Federalism as a form of government. As a student of public policy, I have studied the different forms of government, and I believe we have yet to properly operate the current Presidential-Unitary form of government that we have. But aside from this, I oppose federalism due to the following reasons:
  1. At present, we have no sense of nationalism. This might further worsen once we divide the country into federated states.
  2. Political warlordism will become more pronounced. Imagine the political dynasties ruling in our country today. Now, if federalism would be implemented, these dynasties and warlords would become more powerful and more untouchable since they would be the same ones who would rule these states. Just a thought, sinu-sino sa tingin nyo ang magiging governor ng bawat federated state?
  3. On the economic side, this would a burden to our countrymen. Because aside from the federal tax imposed by the National government, the federated states will impose state taxes in order to support its state government.
4. Same sex marriage and divorce law
Rather than making excuses and posturing, Trillanes went the honest route and told Redditors that he didn't know much about the issue to make an informed decision.
5. Don't lose hope.
thatmrphdude: What can you say to Filipinos that are just sick and tired of all the headlines showing nowadays. It's just depressing. I feel really hopeless for this country.
TrillanesSonny: Don't lose hope. The political tide is actually turning. Soon, matatapos din ang malagim na yugto na ito ng ating kasaysayan.
Also this:
The past two years have been difficult for our country but our people are beginning to see the light. We have gained a lot of headway and I can honestly say that we are now winning the war. As our history shows, ultimately, the goodness, decency, courage and collective wisdom of the Filipino people will prevail.
And this:
moonwlkr67: Good afternoon, Sen Trillanes. It's my first time to participate in an AMA in Reddit. Gusto ko pong magpasalamat for soldiering on during these trying times in democratic republic. Pangalawa po, gusto kong itanong kung ano ang sa tingin nyo ang magiging "tipping point" para manaig ang pagka-makabayan ng mga Filipino higit sa pagka-partisan. Salamat po, and more power! :)
TrillanesSonny: Salamat din sayo. The tipping point would probably be kapag nagdeclare si duterte ng nationwide Martial Law or Revgov or pagka sinagasa nila ang Charter Change/Federalism kahit hindi isama ang Senado.
6. What he'd change in the Constitution
anobaate: If you could change a part of the constitution what would it be?
TrillanesSonny: The removal of the provision subjecting the AFP officers with the Commission on Appointments. This practice has rendered these officers vulnerable to politicization by hostaging their confirmation. I would rather have only the most senior officials be subjected to the process of the CA.
7. On Duterte
aivpt: Will Duterte ever commit an act so despicable that even his supporters give up defending him? What do you think will this act be?
TrillanesSonny: I believe he has already committed several despicable acts that chipped away at his support base, such as: pagmura kay Pope, the EJKs, pag-impose ng high taxes, paghalik sa OFW in South Korea, anti-tambay directive, and his attacks on God and the Christian faith. Every duterte supporter has threshold that depends on his level of fanaticism. Some, as early as nung minura si Pope, humiwalay na. But the most na bawas na suporta sa kanya is with his anti-God statements. Those who are still with him by this time would probably not leave him until sila mismo ang mabiktima.
Also this:
TrillanesSonny: Duterte remaining as president is the most alarming issue. He is killing our people; mismanaging the economy; messing-up our foreign policy; destroying the moral fabric of our society; and he is destroying our democratic institutions.
8. On Boracay
The Boracay closure is totally unnecessary. The problems caused by the illegally-placed sewage lines can be fixed even without closing the island. Until now, the government has yet to present a comprehensive rehabilitation plan which showed their incompetence and unpreparedness for this abrupt closure. More importantly, this is totally unfair to the thousands of displaced workers in the island. Personally, I believe this is another classic duterte shakedown so his business interests are pursued and protected. Aside from the casinos, there are reports right now that duterte's davao group are land grabbing in boracay in the guise of demolition for having questionable ownership documents. This is similar to what he did to Ongpin's philweb and the mining sector

Other stuff

  • Case against Mocha is still pending with the Ombudsman. sThinking Penoy will be arraigned on August 15. Less than one month na lang, TP...
  • His sense of duty motivates himo to go to work, maski ang sakitsakit na....
  • He thinks Bong Go will run for senate despite his denials. And sadly, there is nothing we could do to get rid of his tarps and campaign materials. Pinagtawanan din nila si Bong Go nung hinamon siya magsaksakan ng ballpen.
  • He would still be an active member of the AFP if the Oakwood mutiny did not happen.
  • Regarding the Province of China tarps: "It's clearly a prank by some sectors opposing duterte's foreign policy as regards China. But I'm surprised by the negative reaction of the duterte admin about it when in fact it was duterte himself who said this on national tv."
  • On personal safety: "Thank you for your concern. No can really be safe nowadays but we do our best to provide for my physical security."
  • The people he trusts in government: VP Leni Robredo, Minority Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino, Hontiveros and De Lima, Sen. Grace Poe. Some of them ay nakilala ko on a personal level, some of them ay consistent at aligned doon sa mga ipinaglalaban ko.
  • He thinks that public support for Duterte has waned. "I don't normally read troll comments so I'm not that affected. But, we use the negative comments from legit netizens as a gauge for the social media pulse. And with this, I can actually say that Duterte's support in social media has waned drastically the past few months."
  • On why he sees himself as a fatalist: "There was this series of life-changing incidents that happened to me when I was 18 years old and a graduating student in DLSU. It made me believe in the primacy of God's will."
  • Corruption in the AFP has significantly decreased since 2003. However, lately, we have been getting complaints from AFP officers about corruption involving the modernization funds of AFP.
  • On the Lumad issue: I'll ask my staff to check on this. I am against the militarization of the Lumads in the same vein that i am against their infiltration by the NPAs. The Lumads should be allowed to live without any external influence.
  • On the Bonifacio Day ouster rumor (throow12: Few days before the Manila Pen, I heard of a rumor that a GMA ouster was brewing up and it will happen in Bonifacio day, a few weeks after your "walk-out" in court, I heard that your actions supposedly pre-empted that ouster. Do you have previous knowledge of that supposed Bonifacio day action and one of your primary reasons for the walkout?): That's not true. May mga nafa-fundraising lang na gagalaw kuno pero hindi naman. Kilala ko yung mga nagpe-peddle ng information na ganyan.
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E-F 1k-5k

e30classifieds e39 E3_2016 E3_2017 e46 E90 EA_FIFA EAAccess Eagle_Scouts EaglesGamesUpdate EaglesTrophyCase EANHLfranchise earbleach Early2000sjams EarlyBuddhism EarlyMusic earlymusicalnotation earlyphotography EarlyPKA EarlyWaking EarningOnline EarRape EarthFans earthgifs Earthmind earthoficeandfire earthporngonecuddly earthpornvids earthpornwallpaper Earthquakes earthship earwax EasonyesSneakers eastboundanddown eastenders EasternPhilosophy EasternSunRising easy_french Easy_German Easy_Ukulele Easycore easyfix EasyKetoRecipes easyrecipes Easyriders EasyTV eatenpistachios eating_disorders EatingInCommon EatShit eatwraps Eau_Claire EauxClaires eBaySellerAdvice ebaytreasures EbayWTF Eberron EBM Ebook ebooksforfree ecc ECEComponentExchange echo EchoArena echofox EchoLinkInfo EckhartTolle eckvanet eclipse eclipsephase ecoboostmustang EcoEvents Ecofeminism EcoFriendly EcoGlobalSurvival eCoinomic EcoInternet econbooks EcoNewsNetwork econhw economicCollapse economicdemocracy EconomicHistory 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EleanorTomlinson elearning ElectionPolls Electra_Currency Electrical_Engineers electriccars electricdreams electricents electrician Electricity ElectricScooters ElectricSkateboards ElectricUnicycle electriczoo Electrify electro electroforming electrohiphop Electromagnetics Electronic electronica ElectronicaLounge electronicdancemusic electronicmagic electronics_robots ElectronicsSalvage electronjs ElectronMicroscopes electronmicroscopy Electropop Electrum Elektron elephant elephantgifs Elevators elex elfenlied elfontheshelf elgoonishshive eli5_programming ELI5Music ELI5news elianscript ELIHulk elimiddlemanagement ELINeanderthal ElinePowell ELINT eliomotors ElisabethGiolito elisalam Elisemains EliseTrouw EliteBountyHunters EliteDangerousPics EliteHudson EliteLavigny EliteMahon eliteoutfitters ElitePirates ElitePS EliteRacers EliteWings EliteWinters elixirtoken Elizabeth_Gillies Elizabeth_Ostrander elizabethbanks ElizabethHenstridge ElizabethHurley ElizabethRage ELIZADUSHKU ElizaTaylor 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submitted by j259awesome to u/j259awesome [link] [comments]

Example lang... Eleksyon 2019 Candidate Profile: Nancy Binay (Re-electionist)

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected (or plans to be connected) with Sen. Binay's campaign. This was my attempt at building a profile that can be useful for the upcoming senatorial elections.
Since re-electionists will most likely win and with the idea that the bills and resolutions they filed, supported, sponsored, voted foagainst/abstain would speak more clearly on who they are (and who they will be) as a lawmaker than campaign promises and platforms, I picked one and researched their previous legislative work. Binay was the second re-electionist to file her COC. I decided not to go for Pimentel because he could be disqualified. And to be frank, out of the 6 re-electionists, I reckon she was the least pabibo so it will be a more manageable task.
The information included here are based on what I believe are the important things I should look into as I consider a candidate with past legislative experience. Feel free to suggest other points of consideration.
Full Name: Maria Lourdes Nancy Sombillo Binay Profession: Former Personal Assistant to Mayor Jejomar Binay, 16th and 17th Congress Senator Political Party: United Nationalist Alliance Political dynasty: Yes. Type: Fat Political Experience: First term senator, seeking re-election

As a Senator...

Committee positions:

  • 16th Congress:
  • 17th Congress:
    • Chairperson of the Senate Committees: 1) Tourism 2) Cultural Communities 3) Social Justice, Welfare and Rural Development
    • Co-chairperson of the Joint Oversight Committee on Tourism
    • Vice chairperson of the Energy Committee
    • Member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal and 28 (out of 40) Senate Committees (Blue Ribbon / Accounts / Agriculture and Food / Financial Institutions and Currencies / Climate Change / Cultural Communities / Economic Affairs / Education, Arts and Culture / Electoral Reforms / Energy / Environment and Natural Resources / Finance / Foreign Relations / Games and Amusement / Government Corporations / Health / Labor and Employment / Local Government / National Defense / Peace / Public Order and Dangerous Drugs / Public Works / Social Justice / Tourism / Urban Planning / Ways and Means / Women, Family Relations and Gender Equality / Youth)
    • Member of Majority bloc


16th Congress:
  • Bills filed: 119 | Approved by President: 9 (Principal Author: 2 | Co-author: 4 | Author via Committee: 3)5
    • SBN2 510: National Teacher's Day. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN 712: Expanded Senior Citizen's Act. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN 1647: Act of Repealing the Crime of Premature Marriage. Role: Principal Author
    • SBN 2043: Maritime Industry Authority. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
    • SBN 2226: Student-Athletes Protection Act of 2014. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN 2400: Sugarcane Industry Development Act of 2014. Role: Principal Author
    • SBN 2890 3: Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN 2968 3: Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA). Role: Author via Committee Report
    • SBN 2437 3: Php75,000.00 Cap for Income Tax Exemption of the 13th Month Pay/Other Benefits. Role: Made co-author with other senators present
  • Resolutions: 1514
    • SRN2-1673: Illegal Drug Trade in Iloilo
    • SRN-1637: 'Laglag-Bala' Extortion Modus Operandi
    • SRN-1573: Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCS/IPs)
    • SRN-1533: Balikbayan Boxes
    • SRN-1492: Coco Levy Assets and Coco Levy Funds
    • SRN-1241: Sajahatra Bangsamoro Program
    • SRN-1131: Conditional Cash Transfer Program
    • SRN-1051: Child Rape Cases
    • SRN-905: Kickbacks From Excessive Legal Fees of Foreign and Local Legal Consultants
    • SRN-840: MRT-3 Malfunction
    • SRN-837: Lack of Capacity to Provide Deposit and the Payment of Hospital Dues
    • SRN-691: Barangay Health Workers
    • SRN-635: Salary Standardization Laws
    • SRN-567: Delisting of Delfin Lee From the PNP Most Wanted Persons List
    • SRN-560: Shame Campaign Advertisements of the Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • SRN-542: Cyber-Attacks on Official Philippine Government Websites
    • SRN-504: United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • SRN-474: Cyberethics (Social Media)
    • SRN-467: AFP Anti-Drug Campaign
    • SRN-405: Government's Delayed Response to Typhoon Yolanda
    • SRN-373: Cash-For-Work Program
    • SRN-252: Privatization of Public Hospitals
    • SRN-253: Public Utility Vehicles
    • SRN-254: Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)
17th Congress:
  • Bills filed: 149
    • Approved by President: 2 (Author via Committee: 2 | Co-sponsor: 1)5
      • SBN 1444: Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN 1592 3: Tax Reform Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN). Role: Author via Committee Report
    • Passed by Both Houses: 6
      • SBN 2023: Special Protection of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN 1753: Social Security Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN 1537: The Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN 1455: The Filipino Sign Language Act. Role: Principal Author, Co-sponsor
      • SBN 1305: Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
      • SBN 1390: Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • Conference Committee Report Approved by the House of Reps.: 1
      • SBN 1578: Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Act of 2017. Role: Author via Committee Report
    • Pending Conference Committee: 1
      • SBN 1896: Universal Health Care for All Filipinos Act. Role: Author via Committee Report, Co-sponsor
    • Approved on Third Reading by the Senate: 2
      • SBN 1971: Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act. Role: Author via Committee Report
      • SBN 1477: Positive Discipline of Children Act of 2017. Role: Author via Committe Report
    • Approved on Second Reading, with Amendments: 1
      • SBN 1850: National Integrated Cancer Control Act. Role: Author via Committe Report, Co-sponsor
    • Pending Second Reading, Special Order: 3
      • SBN 2059: Tax Amnesty Act of 2018. Role: Author via Committe Report
      • SBN 1888: Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Act of 2018. Role: Principal Author
      • SBN 1528: Department of Culture Act. Role: Author via Committe Report
    • Consolidated/Substituted in the Committee Report: 23 Not going to list them for brevity since the above mentioned bills cover the bills that should be listed here.
    • Pending in the Committee: 102 Not going to list them for brevity since they are still in the early stages of the legislative process.
  • Resolutions: 139.4
    • SRN-892: Flood Management Master Plan
    • SRN-885: Child Exploitation in the Country
    • SRN-844: Unclaimed P1.3 Billion Cash Grants Under the Conditional Cash Transfer Program
    • SRN-847: Imposition of Additional Requirement of No Pending Criminal Cases involving Moral turpitude on officers of revenue generating agencies
    • SRN-816: Waste Management in Island Destinations Across the Country
    • SRN-813: Binondo-Intramuros Bridge
    • SRN-750: Social Mitigating Measures Under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law
    • SRN-721: Advertisement Placements Made by the Department of Tourism
    • SRN-686: Inventory of Island Destinations
    • SRN-593: Status of the Country's Rice Supply
    • SRN-565: Inquiry: Immunization Program of the Department of Health
    • SRN-552: Automated Election System
    • SRN-480: Sign Language Interpreters
    • SRN-396: Un Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • SRN-326: Allegations Against Chief Operating Officer Cesar Montano (Tourism Promotions Board)
    • SRN-313: Zero Tourism Waste Policy
    • SRN-304: New Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Coaches   Some notable resolutions filed with other senators:
    • SRN 516: Urging the Government to Stop the Spate of Killings). Became controversial after 7 senators complained they were left out.
    • SRN-184: Alleged Sex Video Attributed to Senator Leila De Lima
    • SRN-388: Supporting the Proclamation No. 216 (Declaring a State of Martial Law). Adopted by the President.
    • SRN-739: Informing the President and the House of Representatives That Senate Leadership Has Been Reorganized. The majority bloc unanimously voted for Sen. Sotto to replace Sen. Pimentel as Senate President.
    • RBH-14: State of Martial Law in the Whole of Mindanao. 2nd Extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.
    • SJR-5: Increasing the Monthly Pension of the Sss Pensioners   Some notable resolutions she voted against or didn't sign:
    • SRN-390: Joint Session and Deliberation on Proclamation No. 216 (State of Martial Law). Lost, instead SRN 388 was adopted.
    • SRN-738: To Uphold the Constitution on the Matter of Removing a Chief Justice From Office.  
Supplemental: A summary of her votes and roles on bills of national importance approved by the President in the 16th and 17th Congress.

As a Member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal...

Binay voted to grant the petition to disqualify Poe as senator in 2015 along with the 3 Supreme Court justice (Carpio, Leonardo-de Castro, and Brion) tribunal members.

Stand on Key Legislative Agenda:

From Duterte's First SONA Stand
Federalism Enhance and strenghten Local Government Code first.
TRAIN Author via committee report. Voted in favor. Later called for inquiry on the slow distribution of social mitigating measures and, with other re-electionists, for suspension of TRAIN.
Emergency powers to address traffic Voted yes on the committee report granting Duterte emergency powers.
Driver's License and Passport Validity Extension Voted in favor for both approved bills.
FOI Called for immediate passage of FOI during 16th Congress. In the 17th Congress, voted yes on the committee report for SBN 1208 which is currently pending 2nd reading.
People's Broadcasting Corporation Can't find any info. Bill is still pending in committee.
Whistleblower Protection Law No info available. All bills filed in the 17th congress are pending in the committees.
BBL Voted for approved bill.
Separate department for OFWs No info available. All bills filed in the 17th congress are pending in the committees.
Relax bank secrecy law Opposed BIR's proposal to lift secrecy laws for tax purposes in 2014. Can't find any info on her stand to the latest bills pending in the 17th congress.
Priority bills agreed by Leaders of Both Houses Stand
Free Internet Access in Public Places Act Voted for approved bill.
Affordable Higher Education for All Act Voted for approved bill.
Bill amending certain penalties and values under the Revised Penal Code Voted for approved bill.
Philippine Mental Health Act Voted for approved bill.
Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act Voted for approved bill.
An act authorizing the court to require community service in lieu of imprisonment where the penalty is arresto menor No info available. All bills filed in the 17th congress are pending in the committees.
An act penalizing the refusal of hospital and medical clinics to administer medical treatment in emergency cases Voted for approved bill.
Universal Health Care Act Co-author and co-sponsor; bill pending in conference committee.
Bill providing free irrigation services Voted for approved bill.
Agrarian and Agricultural Credit Condonation Act No info available. Bill filed in the 17th congress is pending in the committees.
Prohibition of the conversion of irrigated lands No info available. Bill filed in the 17th congress is pending in the committees.
Bill amending the Anti-Money Laundering Act to include casino operators Voted for approved bill.
Other Key Issues Stand
Anti-Dynasty Bill Voted yes on the committee report for SBN 1765 which is currently pending 2nd reading. But in 2014, she vocally opposed the bill when Aquino promised to sign any anti-dynasty bill that passes in the Congress.
Divorce Against
Abortion Against. She is also against RH Law.
Medical Marijuana No info available. When the Lower House committee approved of the bill, Sotto said a similar bill would have no hope in the Senate.
Death Penalty Against
Lowering the minimum age of criminal liability Against
Jeepney Modernization No info available.
Endo Voted yes on the committee report for SBN 1826 which is currently pending 2nd reading. She was one of the senators who vocally urged the government to regularize their contractual workers employed for decades.
Same-sex Marriage Against
SOGIE Bill Voted yes on the committee report for SBN 1271 which is currently pending 2nd reading.
SSS pension hike She filed SBN 181 (pension and other benefits hike) which was later consolidated with SBN 1753 that is currently passed by both Houses.
Salary Standardization Voted for the SSL 4 of the 16th Congress but it was left pending in the bicam committee. In the 17th Congress, voted yes for SBN 1577 (like SSL 4, wage increase for military) which is currently pending 2nd reading. She also filed SBN 2034 (increase of public school teacher's monthly salary) which is pending in the committee.
Amending the political party system, Anti-Turncoatism Position unclear. She said it's not an issue for her since she's loyal to UNA.
Decriminalizing Libel In a senate hearing in 2014, she shared Pimentel's view that decriminalizing libel might lead to more media killings. All bills filed in the 17th congress are pending in the committees.
(If there are other key issues I forgot to add, do let me know.)


  • Her qualifications when she decided to run for senator as the 12th candidate of the UNA ticket after Joey De Venecia backed out.
  • She didn't participate in any debate during her senatorial campaign.
  • During the Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the Makati City Hall II parking building, Bondal and Mercado accused that she, with other members of her family, "amassed kickbacks from the construction of the controversial carpark building." Particularly, Mercado alleged she was involved in the "Makati City government's project of free birthday cakes to its senior citizens."
  • On Hacienda Binay, she said: "How I wish we have a hacienda like that but it really isn’t ours."
  • She was with her brother, then Makati mayor Junjun Binay, at the time of the incident involving security guards in Dasmariñas village.
  • After the Ombudsman announced the suspension of her brother, ex-Makati mayor Junjun Binay, she accused "the Aquino administration of using the Office of the Ombudsman to discredit Vice President Binay and members of his family as the 2016 presidential elections draws near."
  • After Trillianes accused her (and her sister) for misusing their PDAF allocations, she hits back by denying she ever received PDAF and challenging Trillianes to explain his DAP allocation.
  • She received the most attention during the senate probe on DAP. Her grilling of Aquino's cabinet members received mixed reactions, some people praised her while others called out her hypocrisy (she called for Sec. Abad to attend the hearings while her dad snub the Makati City hall probe).
  • Voted for Sen. De Lima's ouster when Sen. Pacquiao motioned for the Blue Ribbon committee chairmanship be vacated.
  • Signed the adopted resolution (SRN 388) in support of the Declaration of martial law in Mindanao. She was absent during the joint session vote for the first extension. Voted for second extension of martial law in Mindanao.
  • Didn't sign the resolution (SRN 738), along with 9 other majority bloc senators, urging the Supreme Court to review CJ Sereno ouster.
(If there are other controversies I forgot to add, do let me know.)  
Thanks for reading! Any mistake is mine. Feel free to point it out as well as any improvement that can be made. :)
Notes: [1] Archived Committee Membership for the 16th Congress isn't available at Retrieved from wikipedia edit history. [2] SBN = Senate Bill Number. SRN = Senate Resolution Number [3] Search results filter: Author (Binay) + Legislative status (Consolidated with Approved Bill) [4] Only resolutions where Binay is the lone author excluding congratulatory, commemoratory, or condolatory resolutions. For brevity, not all requests for inquries are included. [5] Definition of terms:
  • Principal Author whoever filed the bill first in case of multiple bills on the subject.
  • Principal Sponsor introduces the bill to the senate floor, expresses the contents and purposes of the bill to open the debate.
  • Author via Committee Report, author (or one of the authors) of the approved committee report.
  • Co-author, filed a similar bill that was substituted or consolidated by the committee report. Senators can also request to be made coauthor. Committee members who signed the committee report can be listed as co-authors.
  • Co-sponsor supports the bill and helps demostrate the bill's popularity and improve its chances for passage.
Data Sources: and relevant news articles
Other Notes:
  • I didn't include educational attainment because it's not a requirement under current laws. And I personally don't agree that there should be one. Nor do I believe that it should be an important criteria for a voter. A higher education doesn't necessarily equate to competency, integrity, or political willingness. Nor can we categorically prove previous lawmakers with higher education are more competent, have more integrity and political will than less educated lawmakers; simply because the barriers to entry for good-intentioned nobodies are so high (machinery and money), only a certain kind of less educated candidates (celebrities) have won nationally. Politicians, especially from families who have made politics their careers, can buy diplomas to help their image.
  • Because of the limitations of the search feature in, only bills they authored and sponsored are included. Bills they sponsored but didn't author are not included here.
Edit History: Added controversial decisions from SpitfireBlue's comment. 10/24/2018 Tweaked some formatting.
[Sorry kung ang advance ko mag-isip. Inaksyonan ko na agad ung ideyang nabuo sa isip ko bago pa ako kainin ng katamaran.]
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